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  • A Simple and Accurate TDEE Calculator (and How to Use It)

    The energy you use during exercise is based on your weight, height and intensity.

    This calculator uses a counter-activity mats table (or metabolic equivalent) to burn your personal energy. When macros can be applied to a macro calculator considered "level", get a more accurate assessment of your activity level.

    30-year-old woman, 150 pounds, 5 feet 5 inches high

    If it trains for 30 minutes in the day, ordinary cycling burns an extra 217 calories a day. This tdeecalculator calculator is considered "light".

    She changed within one hour of 45 days and experimented with a stable rowing machine (with a strong effort), she could change 368 calories (an average setting on macro computer) per day.

    What is the activity?
    Using this calculator with the help of our calculator helps you better understand your training level. It can be "lights", "lights", "medium" or "extremes". If your activity shows "lights," you want to select a seminar on a macro machine.

    Exercise is hard to measure with energy, but provides a very reliable estimate.

    Generally, we appreciate our level of exercise and if we do not have any physical work, most of us do not exercise in the right category, if we deliberately go to the gym or other forms of movement over time are more than 20 minutes,

    What about a portable tracker?
    Wearable tracker can move a greater motivation more, but due to the limited metric that they measure, they can burn calories in greater quantity.

    This Nachverfolgungsschritte may be the target ahead, because the convenient steps in the apartment or office take a lot of energy, while certain steps (eg, walking quickly, go CDs or hills) burn more energy. Even though the trackers associated with a heart rate monitor are not well-separated.

    Studies conducted by Stanford show that 27-93 percent of the average people burn calories on the basis of a person's portable devices.

    The most accurate way to measure calorie burning is to measure heart rate and oxygen during activity. Therefore, the metabolic equality used for this calculator was determined.

    What is MWW?
    MET can be defined per kilogram per hour per kilogram and is close to meeting energy costs. It is also measured in oxygen, the weight per body is 3.5 ml / kg.

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